ICDT Awards

ICDT gives several awards with the following rules:

  • The Best Paper Award  is given to the best paper.
  • An award can be given to the best paper written by newcomers to the field of database theory. The latter award is preferentially given to a paper written only by students; in that case the award is called Best Student Paper Award. otherwise it is called Best Newcomer Paper Award.
  • The program committee reserves the following rights: not to give an award; to split an award among several papers; and to define the notion of a newcomer. Papers authored or co-authored by Program Committee members are not eligible for any award.

ICDT 2017 Best Paper Award: Simone Bova and Hubie Chen. How Many Variables are Needed to Express an Existential Positive Query?

ICDT 2017 Best Newcomer Award: Wei Cao, Jian Li, Haitao Wang, Kangning Wang, Ruosong Wang, Raymond Chi-Wing Wong, and Wei Zhan. k-Regret Minimizing Set: Efficient Algorithms and Hardness 

ICDT 2016 Best Newcomer Award: Anirban Dasgupta, Kevin Lang, Lee Rhodes and Justin Thaler A Framework for Estimating Stream Expression Cardinalities 

ICDT 2016 Best Paper Award: Mark Kaminski and Egor V. Kostylev Beyond Well-Designed SPARQL

ICDT 2015 Best Student Paper Award: Nadime Francis Asymptotic Determinacy of Path Queries using Union-of-Paths Views

ICDT 2015 Best Paper Award: Douglas Burdick, Ronald Fagin, Phokion Kolaitis, Lucian Popa and Wang-Chiew Tan A Declarative Framework for Linking Entities

ICDT 2014 Best Student Paper Award: Tom Ameloot Deciding Correctness with Fairness for Simple Transducer Networks

ICDT 2014 Best Paper Award: Matthias Niewerth, Thomas Schwentick Reasoning about XML Constraints based on XML-to-relational mappings

ICDT 2014 Best Newcomer Award: Todd Veldhuizen Leapfrog Triejoin: A Simple, Worst-Case Optimal Join Algorithm 

ICDT 2013 Best Paper Award: Chao Li, Daniel Li, Gerome Miklau and Dan Suciu  A Theory of Pricing Private Data

ICDT 2012 Best Newcomer Paper Award: Christian Konrad and Frederic Magnie  Validating XML Documents in the Streaming Model with External Memory

ICDT 2012 Best Paper Award: Balder Ten Cate, Victor Dalmau, and Phokion Kolaitis  Learning Schema Mappings

ICDT 2011 Best Student Paper Award: Daniel Deutch  Querying Probabilistic Business Processes for Sub-Flows

ICDT 2011 Best Paper Award: Claire David, Leonid Libkin, and Tony Tan  Efficient Reasoning about Data Trees via Integer Linear Programming

ICDT 2010 Best Student Paper: Diego Figueira Forward XPath and extended register automata on data trees and André Hernich Answering non-monotonic queries in relational data exchange

ICDT 2010 Best Paper Award: Marcelo Arenas, Ronald Fagin, Alan Nash Composition with target constraints

ICDT 2009 Best Student Paper: Todd J. Green Containment of conjunctive queries on annotated relations

ICDT 2009 Best Paper Award: Foto Afrati and Phokion G. Kolaitis Repair Checking in Inconsistent Databases: Algorithms and Complexity

ICDT 2007 Best Newcomer Award: Piotr Wieczorek Complexity of Typechecking XML Views of Relational Databases

ICDT 2005 Best Newcomer Award: Albert Atserias Conjunctive query evaluation by search tree, revisited

ICDT 2003 Best Newcomer Award: Jan Hidders Typing Graph-Manipulation Operations

ICDT 2001 Best Newcomer Award: Chung Keung Poon Orthogonal range queries in OLAP

ICDT 1997 Best Student Paper: Chandra Chekuri and Anand Rajamaran Conjunctive Query Containment Revisited

ICDT 1995 Best Student Paper: Dan Suciu Domain-independent queries on databases with external functions

ICDT 1990 Best Student Paper: Peter Revesz A closed form for Datalog queries with integer order

ICDT 1986 Best Student Paper: V. S. Lakshmanan Split-Freedom and MVD-Intersection: A New Characterization of Multivalued Dependencies Having Conflict Free Covers